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Frequently Asked Questions

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+-How do I Start?

You start by clicking on "Create!" here or on the top of the page. You will then follow a 3-step wizard to create your new design. It will guide you through the steps needed to create your artwork.

+-Can I Modify My Artwork After Creation?

Yes! Once you have finished the editor wizard, your custom artwork can be found on the My Profile/My Artworks page. Select the case in the dropdown list for which you created artwork for. Clicking on the artwork and the edit button will take you to the editor.

+-Can I Share My Artwork?

Yes! You need to navigate to the My Artworks page. Select the artwork you want to make public. You will be presented with a number of input fields such as Name, Tags and so on. To make your Artwork public, you need to select Yes radio button next to the "Make this artwork public?" question and click on the Finalize button. Your Artwork will soon appear on the website.

+-Why isn't my tracking number working?

Please allow 24-48 business hours for DHL to update their website with the current tracking information. If 48 business hours have elapsed and there is no change in the tracking, please contact Customer Service and inform them of your concerns and they will work with you to resolve the matter.

+-Why was my order returned to your facility with an address error?

During the shipping process either DHL could find an error in your address. Some reasons for orders being returned are insufficient address, no such number/street, addressee unknown, and not deliverable as addressed.

Should you receive an email from our representatives informing you that your order was returned back to us with an address error we recommend responding to their email immediately with your correct and updated shipping address. Once we have received your verified shipping address we can reship your package to you and ensure proper delivery.

+-Are there any other places I can show off my tees?

There are some great t shirt sites out there to post your t shirt design, for example,, and a few others. This is a great way to build buzz in the t shirt internet world. There are graphic designs, and art community sites, like,, Other sites like these can be great in gaining referring traffic.

+-How do I get paid?

Artists get paid via PayPal each month. Usually on the 1st of each month unless it falls on a weekend or USA holiday, in that case it will be a few days after the 1st. Make sure you fill out your PayPal and country details in your \'edit my store\' section otherwise payment will be delayed. If you are a US resident you will need to fill out a W-9 form for tax purposes when you earn a certain benchmark. You will be prompted to do so on your dashboard area.

+-How do I know what I have sold?

To view your current and past sales, log into your Design-I-Do account and go to your Dashboard. On the Dashboard you\'ll see both the number of items sold and a graph comparing product type sales and traffic.

+-Who owns the rights to my artwork?

You retain all rights to your artwork submitted to the Design-I-Do.

+-What happens if I upload ripped, stolen or copyrighted art?

You get 3 strikes here at Design-I-Do. We presume the first couple of times might be a mistake or bad judgment on an artist’s part but 3 times and you are out! That’s right, get caught uploading art that isn\'t yours or you don’t have the rights to and you will lose your store and be added to the dreaded black list.

+-What types of printing does Design- I-Do offer?

We currently offer direct-to-garment printing and revolutionary 3-D UV printing technology.

+-Is your direct to garment printing method environmentally friendly?

Yes. We are committed to green ideology and our inks are water-based, and metal free. The inks we use meet the international standard for the industry and have Oeko-Tex approval.

+-What resolution should I use when uploading my design for printing?

If you’re using a JPEG file (standard photo-type file) to upload your art, these are the important factors to keep in mind:

The higher quality image, you upload the better the finished design will look.

Generally a 1/1 size ratio, 300dpi image is preffered. (i.e. Creating an image at the same size you wish it to be printed atis best.)

If Design I Do has to increase the size of a small design to fit the parameters of your design request, the image quality will likely decrease noticeably. For example, submitting a 300dpi image that is saved at 12cm, but ordering a shirt design that sets that same 300dpi image at 45cm would likely result in a pixilated graphic. It would be most effective to submit to an image that’s the actual size of the finished design to be printed onto your apparel.

+-What kind of files should I be uploading?

You should be uploading JPG or transparent PNG files using the template provided, RGB files that fit within the specified template size.

+-What is the “maximum print area” for my design?

For Adult shirts our standard sizes are as follows: S-M
Maximum printing area: 32x48 cm

For Adult shirts our standard sizes are as follows: L-XL
Maximum printing area: 39x59 cm

+-Can I print on the sleeves of my shirt?

Currently our designer does not allow this. We’re always here to serve, so if you have a design that requires sleeve printing, please sent mail and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.